Fun Facts..!!

Bistrot Bistrot!

It is well known that a small restaurant or café in France where you can have quick and simple meal is called a bistro. The most popular belief regarding the origin of the word "Bistro" maintains that the term originated during the Russian Occupation of Paris in 1915. Accordingly, when hungry Russian Cossacks came to cafes, they would impatiently cry “Bistro! Bistro!” (Russian for “hurry!”), demanding the food be served quickly. As their main evidence, supporters of this theory point to a memorial plaque at a restaurant in Montmartre that tells this story.

Turning a baguette upside down is unlucky

There are a number of different origin stories linked to this French superstition, but the most likely dates back to medieval times. When an execution was scheduled in town, legend has it the executioner himself would not have time to pop to the bakery before work. The baker would therefore reserve his loaf by turning the bread upside down. Thus, turning a baguette on its head came to be associated with death and misfortune – and the superstition lives on. If you'd like to learn more kitchen secrets, take a "behind-the-scenes" bakery tour in Paris.

A 1910 law forbids couples kissing on train platforms

It’s true: in 1910, a French law confined couples kissing on train platforms to romantic scenes on the silver screen. The ban was intended to avoid overcrowded stations and service delays – how much difference it made is anyone’s guess. Today there’s no penalty for a cheeky train-station smooch, which is good news for lovers heading for Paris, the unchallenged romance capital of the world.